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Connecting xfinity and generac mobil link

If you can connect to the generac and your xfinity router but a little while after you lose the connection. 

The issue is in the router. Xfinity bands together 2.4 and 5g to get the fastest speed. When it uses 5g the link is lost because the generator can only use 2.4.


Go into the xfinity app and go to wireless, the look at the wifi details, then select the select the band, and a scan scan code will come up. Go to the bottom of the picture to Edit WiFi settings. Select Split Bands, and give each band a different Name.  
Select save and exit all the way out. Now go and use the Network Name you gave the 2.4 band.

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3 months ago

Hey, @user_p5jr2e! Thanks for reaching out to us on the forums and providing this solution! You are correct in some devices can only connect to 2.4GHz band of wireless and sometimes they do not play well with the automatic band steering that most routers do these days. 

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2 months ago

I am having the same issue even though I used a 2.4 gh extender. Loses wi fi after a few hours. If I split bands will I have to re establish connections on all my tvs and equipment that’s on wi fi? 

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@user_5ny6ao, If you do split the bands it will ask you to reconnect every device you have currently connected on your network. 

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