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Mon, Sep 13, 2021 3:29 PM


@XfinityThomasC HI, pls confirm that the TG4482A DOES support Bridge Mode, and the access is through the LAN #1 at ???

I'm using a Ubiquiti router/switch and a Asus A.P. which provides the control and coverage in my home...I placed the AP in the middle of the house for great coverage.  My network is all VLAN/layer2  based, so using the MODEM/GATEWAY in router mode is not an option.  My current modem is the TG1682/XB3 and I'm planning on ordering the GIG Internet service upon changing over to the new 3rd generation gateway.



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As mentioned by our Expert EG on other related threads, the XB7 modem can be placed in bridge mode. With that being said, the address won't work in bridge mode as the Arris no longer has router functions. Only the address should work for viewing some basic cable modem component stats. And only ethernet / LAN port number one is active in bridge mode. I hope this helps to clarify for you. 


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