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Fri, Oct 9, 2020 7:00 PM

Comcast Routing is crazy?!?!

I live in Utah.   I have had Comcast for many years 10+.

I have known that comcast does different routing for Salt Lake City when compared to my area in Bountiful.    For example I have friends in SLC  that would route to a server first through california where I would route through colorado.

This was annoying when Playing games on California servers.. I would have 20ms higher latency than them..  but if the server was in washington we were closer etc. 

however..  recently its gotten crazy.


now my latency to california is almost 60ms and latency to Iowa is 30ms?!?   WT actual F?

Here is GCP ping showing me my latency to google cloud servers.   why in gods name would I have 10 ms less to SLC than Iowa?    It was never this bad before..   its crazy.. what is happening?

Iowa, USA
33 ms
Global HTTP Load Balancer
40 ms
Salt Lake City, USA
41 ms
Oregon, USA
51 ms
Los Angeles, USA
54 ms
Northern Virginia, USA
66 ms
Montreal, Canada
71 ms
South Carolina, USA
75 ms


So basically I will never have under 30-40ms to any server ever which is nuts.


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