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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 11:00 AM

Coax to Ethernet

Hi all,

A certain room has a spare coax outlet that I'm assuming was wired for the purposes of potential TV boxes. (It's my parents' house so I don't know what they did when they built the place.)

Their current set up involves an xFi Gateway, some of those xFi pods, and one or two wired ethernet wall outlets, though no ethernet near this particular room. My idea for getting ethernet to this room (apart from "long cables") is to use a MoCA adapter from the coax but I'll admit networking is not my forte (specifically home networks and Comcast's setup).

If I were to get a MoCA adapter, would it likely function as I'm envisioning (giving me an ethernet port to the existing network) provided this coax is wired the same way as the outlets for the in-use TV boxes? My main concerns are any potential issues with Comcast (extra fees?) if I do something like this as well as my awareness that the pods do limit some of the network configuration possibilities, although I don't know the full extent of that.

This is primarily curiosity right now as my scans on Amazon seem to be pushing me towards the "long cables" solution. Is there a reason these MoCA adapters seems to be so expensive (or perhaps a third, cheaper alternative I'm not considering–outside of moving the gateway since that would not connect with the house's extant wired ethernet infrastructure)?


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