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Fri, May 13, 2022 9:53 PM

Coax cable

I need to run about 70 feet of coax cable from the connection off the main line to my new Xfinity equipment. 60 feet of the line is outdoors. 
I now see that there is RG6 and RG11 dual shielded and quad shielded wire. 
What cable is best for the above scenario?




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12 d ago

I would recommend that RG11 quad shield be used for that length of a run.


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12 d ago

If you use RG11, try to use it only to an indoor termination. It's rather thick and from what I hear, putting connectors on is not as simple as the regular RG6/RG59. See if you can get a pre-made cable unless you have somebody else do it. Use RG6 for indoor.

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