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Fri, May 14, 2021 9:56 AM

Change IP address and reset dns to change advertisements

As stated in the title because I want to see different advertisements and I am tired of Comcast making it hard to change the ip address manually. Please help 



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I'm not at all sure that changing your IP and DNS servers will result in "different advertisements", but:

If you're using your own modem and router, the router probably has a "clone MAC address" function that will cause your public IP address to change. You can also set the DNS server addresses of your choice in the router.


If you're using a rental Comcast gateway, to change your public IP you'd have to:

  • place the device in bridge mode, or
  • swap out the device for another, or
  • replace your rental gateway with customer-owned equipment

You won't be able to change the DNS server addresses unless you put the gateway in bridge mode and add your own router.

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