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Mon, Feb 3, 2020 8:00 AM

Change in DNS servers - problem resolved

Yesterday, whenever I tried to load any page from the Internet, I was confronted with browser warnings that it received a certificate that it did no trust.


This certificate was issued from No matter where I went with SSL, I encountered this. I checked my firewall settings and found that as a DHCP client it received new DNS servers: -> ->


I've always previously received -> ->


I changed back to the 75s locally on my firewall and resolved my problem


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10 m ago


I had this exact same problem and I am so glad I found your message after working with support for 8+ hours and scavaging the interwebs. Thank You! I have no idea how that DNS entry was added. 


Just to add context to this issue for future people who search for this issue, the SSL popup I was getting on my computers and mobile devices was:

Cannot Verify Server Identity
The identity of "" cannot be verified


The details of the SSL cert were as OP stated:

Removing the DNS entry solved the issue. 






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