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Sunday, January 29th, 2023 12:10 AM

Change Gateway Restart/Update Time

​Nearly every night, at almost exactly 2:35 AM CT (UTC -6), my Xfinity-rented Gateway resets and is unavailable for approximately 10-20 minutes. All devices on my home network are unable to connect, and the Gateway shows only one illuminated light (Power). It's not unusual for me to be awake and using this network, sometimes for work or for streaming, and I'd like the device to reset at a different time. ​

​Is there a way to change the Gateway reset time? If I reset it earlier in the day, will Comcast still reset it at the same time every night?  ​

​Ideally, I'd like it to restart/update approximately 2 hours later than it does. ​

​Thanks a bunch!​

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2 months ago

Good evening @mburdi1227. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to our devoted team of Digital Care experts here on our XFinity Communities page. We appreciate you letting us know about your modem resets. We understand, although those resets are not long they are still frustrating. You asked a great question, we do not have a way to change the reset of the modem when it occurs, as we do our best to choose times that would be the least impactful to you. If I may ask, are you experiencing any other times when the modem resets? Or connection issues? 

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