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Sat, Oct 31, 2020 6:00 PM

Change Channel or Reset to new or?

I am using the rented (still have a phone line) XFI Gateway CGM4140COM Gateway and 3 pod extenders. It is just me and sometimes my daughter, plus normal devices. Roomba, Apple TV, Printer, Laptops, Phones and iPads etc. supposedly I have the speed just below going to 1 gig, but I'm not sure speed is even a concern. The issue seems to be that the internet is constantly dropping out. I logged on to the Gateway 10.0.01 and thought I would change the channels but it is grayed out.  It seems with this Gateway and pods I do not have that option.  Any suggestions? I ran the spectrum analyzer, but I am not sure what to be looking at....


BTW, really not a new problem. It is just worse at times.  Also getting soom pixels when watching on X1.


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