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Wed, Sep 2, 2020 2:00 PM

Can’t log into Fidelity App using wifi

I can login using my phones LTE but not using wifi


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4 m ago


Since your message was from Sept, you've probably gotten it solved.  But if not, here's what finally worked for me.  I got the idea from another poster responding to a similar problem to what you were describing.


I had to do a factory reset of my modem (Netgear CM1150v) and re-activate that modem for my internet service with Xfinity.  It took me a couple of times doing the hard / factory reset of the modem before I was finally forced to activate the modem again with Xfinity.  I used my phone's Xfinity app connected via Verizon to do the activation.


I can log in to Fidelity again, working properly, after a couple of days on all my devices now, so here's hoping.  I had not been able to access Fidelity on mobile devices nor Windows computers, whatever caused the glitch, whereas I normally access Fidelity multiple times a day on all devices.


If this doesn't help you, perhaps it will help someone else!




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4 m ago

The OP has not returned. 5 month old dead thread now being closed.

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