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Sun, Nov 22, 2020 12:00 PM

Can't get information about poor service and new underground connection

After months of calling Xfinity support about poor TV service and dropped internet service and constantly being required to reset our system, reset Netflix, reboot our router, etc.   Comcast finally sent tech reps to our house.   The first visit did nothing.   Finally a subsequent tech rep dug into the situation and found that we needed a new cable connection to the house.  He said it might take up to 14 days.   


It's now 11 days later and as far as I can tell nothing has been has been done to schedule the new link.  The xFinity website just gives one the run around promising 14 days to complete but no informaiton.  After several tries, I finally got a human being on the phone, they don't know anything either.


Due to Covid, we are working at home and have to have continuous internet service.   We were just told there would be an interruption but no one can tell us for how long it will be interrupted, much less when.


This is something we have been trying to resolve for months and Comcast has left us out on a limb with horrible service and no information.   What does one do?


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