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Wed, Jan 6, 2021 12:00 PM

Can't get DMZ to work, need open ports for live streaming a radio show

I've been on the phone all day the last two days to no avail. I need ports 80 and 443 open to connect to a radio network website. I've tried Port Forwarding those two ports, but they remain closed. Now, i've set up DMZ which is supposed to open ALL ports but NOTHING happens. I still can't get 80 or 443 open, not to mention dozens more that DMZ isn't affecting either. 


Could it be a bad modem? My service works great in every other way. I feel like I need someone to dial into my PC and network but I've talked to 4 techs (including two "advanced" techs) and they keep trying to have me do things I've already done on My Xfi. DMZ should open EVERYTHING up. 


Has anyone had a similar experience or is there something else I can try? I'd hate to switch to CenturyLink but if this can't be resolved I'll have to. 



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9 m ago

Just a thought, try to login via n your browser, it brings up the gateways admin page, I have better luck in the configuration there, if it's not grayed out



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4 m ago

A DMZ does not open up your ports. Demilitarized Zone takes whatever device you choose thats on your inside network and creates a virtual bridge if you will to the outside network or WAN. It put that terminal on the internet. So now there is a route to your inside network that does not go thru network address translation. Major security risk. Not recommended for anyone junior or less network administrator.  First off you would never want to open all ports on your inside lan. You only want ports you are using open. I mean you might as well put up a sign that says Hack me please! When you type in your WAN address not the whatever your xfinity WAN ip address is, it goes to your first device port 8080 by default. which is your xfinity modem. Its getting difficult to do now with the way there handling there port forward but you use to be able to forward port 8080 maybe you still can just use the extended syntax 8080 instead of the short 80 also you may need to use 0443 instead. But anyway you have to use the xfinity web config now and i notice ipv4 address dont work you have to use device name and I had a problem the other day it was resolving a device name to the incorrect ipv4 address and I have all my stuff on reserve static addresses. SO how does xfinity systems manage that? I just gave up. a week or so later problem was gone. 

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