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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 1:00 PM

Cant fix my internet because the line goes through somebody else's home.

TLDR: Comcast cannot fix my broken internet because the line runs through a neighbor's house who is denying them entry for repairs/maintenance. What are my options?


Last Sunday, my internet suddenly stopped working. After going through the whole rigamarole of restarting the modem and router (both through the webhost and through the physically disconnecting and reconnecting them), I called the agent. I went through the same process with him but it still didnt help and he scheduled for a technician to take a look.

The 1st technician comes over 2 days later (on Tuesday), does the same thing but also checks the lines physically. He says something chewed up the line and the wire needs to be replaced. This is a maintenance thing and somebody will turn up the next day to replace the wire.

The 2nd technician comes over the next day (on Wednesday). I am not completely satisfied with his mannerisms, but overall he was polite, so I can slide past that. He says there is a problem with the apartment below (he reckons it has got to do with a faulty splitter or fuse) and he has to take a look there. My neighbor below denies him entry (something about Comcast not fixing his issue when he needed help previously from what the 2nd technician told me) and tells him to come through the leasing office. The 2nd technician asks me to clear it out with my leasing office. I talk to the leasing office and they just ask the 2nd technician to reach out to them directly. But the 2nd technician is gone for the day and I have to wait 2 days again for the next appointment.

2 days later (on Friday), the 2nd technician comes back, talks to the leasing office, who in turn call my neighbor below. He again denies them entry. The assistant property manager tells me that he will need to speak to the property manager who will be back shortly, but if she cant convince him then there is nothing the leasing office can do. With that the 2nd technician leaves again.

And now its friday evening, I am waiting for the property manager to appeal to my neighbor below, but because of the way the wiring is done, I cant get my internet access fixed if my neighbor flat out refuses again.

Up until this point, I have been polite and tried to be understanding. But between going a week without internet, during a pandemic where I cant go anywhere else to work, the frustrating bots on Comcast's line, the tardiness of the 2nd technician, I am beginning to get frustrated and am looking to escalate the matter.

Is there no way to setup a new line to go through the outside rather than through somebody else's home? If things still dont workout, can I cancel my plan? Would this cost me anything?



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8 m ago

Can’t really escalate it far, it’s between you, your neighbor and the property manager, Comcast can’t force anyone to let them in. Work with the property manager to see if there’s a different way to get cable to your unit.

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