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Tue, Dec 1, 2020 9:00 PM

Cannot lease IP address after city power failure

The power company in my town reported that a "bad underground cable" was the cause of a 3 hour power outage on Sunday that resulted in loss of power within a couple miles radius of my service address. Since that time, my router has not been able to lease an IP address.


Performing a packet dump, I can see that DHCP Discover packets are being sent out by my router. I see DHCP Offer and DHCP Ack packets for various cable modems on the Comcast network, but none with a matching Transaction ID for the layer 2 address of my router. I have also tried plugging in other routers and devices directly to the cable modem with the same results.


I might guess that this was the first time in a while that some Comcast hardware in this area went through a power-cycle.  I'm smelling some configuration settings on Comcast hardware that never got saved to non-volatile memory, perhaps relating to a DHCP relay?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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6 m ago

After getting through to Comcast tech support, they confirmed this was a widespread issue for Arris modems. I use an Arris SB8200. I don't know if this problem is localized to my service region, but I understand it has at least been a problem for Arris users in my area since the power loss event.


The Comcast rep also claims there's nothing more they can do on their end, and they are waiting on Arris to provide a solution. Something which unfortunately has not happened for over a week so far.


Anyway it seems that nothing more can be done, I just post this in case it is of help to others.

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