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Wed, Oct 21, 2020 6:00 PM

Cannot connect to friend's internet network

I am trying to connect to my friend's gaming server (correctly port forwarded) and 2 other friends can connect to said server except me. He is also able to connect to my server but only with a hot spot and not with his main internet. All other IPs work besides his IP in this game.


When I try pinging his IP it fails and pings the default gateway while stating "Reply from Destination port unreachable." However, when he pings my IP, he gets a response.

I have tried turning off Windows Firewall, Internet Firewall, and Advanced Security. He does not have any firewalls or advanced security on currently.

Any help is appreciated!


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6 m ago

Hi there,


Did you ever get this sorted out?  Wondering if I may have something similar.  If I set up a game server for multiplayer, I can join, but no one else can.  Like you, I forwarded ports, put exceptions in firewall, etc.  The server will start up in some cases, others I just get an error.  Specifically it's sim racing for me.


I can do a virtual machine and run a AWS server, but darn it, I have gig speed and should be able to do this.





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