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Mon, Aug 10, 2020 4:00 PM

Can internet service be split off to my barn?

Hello, a few years back we had Comcast construction division install an amplified internet line over aerial (power lines) to our home which is 600+ ft from the road. I've recently had a pole barn built which falls between the road and our home that I would like to get internet service to for use with a TV and wifi enabled door openers.  Is it possible to split off from the existing line and bring a cable into my barn?  If so, would this dimish the service to my house or any other side effects?  The barn is over 200 ft away from my house AND has metal roof and siding so using a repeater, extender or burying a CAT line from my house is out of the question.



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8 m ago

I’m not sure what the distance limits are on moca but maybe try that? Maybe establishing the barn with an address and adding separate Comcast Service. That’s a lot of distance for the current service

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