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Thu, May 14, 2020 12:00 AM

can I set up another router downstairs?

I just upgraded my speed to 1000 and put in 6 Xfinity pods.  My router is upstairs near my desktop computer and both TVs are downstairs (also with Xfinity).    The pods and new speed are just not covering zoom meetings downstairs on the Chromebooks.  If I bring the Chromebook near the router it works fine as expected.     


My question is: can I set up another router near the TV downstairs (coax cable access, No ethernet)? If so, how can I do this?  







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1 y ago

Most systems will not allow two modems to be used at one address. It's best to call in to see what the local policy is. Even if they do allow it you will need to pay for two accounts (twice what you are paying for HSI now). 
Powerline ethernet or MoCA adapters may be an option for you. Google for more info.

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