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Fri, Jul 31, 2020 4:00 PM

Can Connect To My Xfi's Wifi Network But No Internet Will Work On Any Device.


I am currently having a problem where the wirless network for my xfi router, is showing up on the network list and I can connect to it and I can search things up on the browsers, but it can not connect to any websites. Although the wireless network does not work, when a acess point or computer is pluged into the router through ethernet, everything works. I have done a fair bit of troubleshooting include rebboting the xfi router through the app, and by unplugging the router (for +1 minute). I have also tried to use the troubleshooting function on the xfi app and nothing came up, and all the configuration setting look right. I have tried to call comcast but I can't seem to get a real person on the line, so I am trying here before I resort to heading to the store.



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