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Sat, Dec 19, 2020 4:00 PM

Broken firmware (V2.1.1.4) Cax80

Ever since my equipment (netgear nighthawk cax80) updated it’s firmware version from V1.1.0.41 to V2.1.1.4 The multi gig port is constantly dropping its connection at random times. Multiple technicians came out on multiple occasions replacing everything from in the house out. To the poles, up the road and back down. Everything is literally brand new. My speeds are great, my Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to be having any issues. Besides being a little sluggish. I had no problems all summer long until recently. I’ve had replacements sent and they all seem to be having the same issues every time the firmware updates. Could we possibly get a new update or go back to a more stable older version?? https://www.netgear.com/home/wifi/modem-routers/cax80


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6 m ago

Having the exact same issues since this update! I was getting constant Multigig Port disconnections throughout the day. It made it impossible to use my VERY EXPENSIVE Modem/Router that had been working 100% since purchase in July. Xfinity pushes a firmware update to my modem and bam it's broken. Luckily I have 2 network controllers on my motherboard nad by some magic that one works without issue. Again it worked fine before the update on the alternate 10g port. 


Now my multigig port completely stopped working properly and is stuck at 100mbps. Switching to the LAN1 port allows for 1000mbps. Again ever since the firmware update it has been nothing but issues with my hardware. 


Fix this or roll back the firmware! 

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5 m ago

Double that,


with v2.1.1.4 the option to disable IPv6 is gone. 


Need an older firmware and cannot find any way to get it,


Xfinity and Netgear Support are ping-ponging me pointing fingers in each other and saying it's their responsibility to give you the old version


Thinking of returning back the device


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