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Tue, Dec 22, 2020 7:00 PM

Bridge Mode - Arris Radios Still Broadcasting

I have a Arris TG1682 router that I have set to bridge mode.  I know it is set to bridge mode becuse my router is connected to it and shows a public IP on the WAN side.  However, I am seeing that although the front light for 2.4 and 5G are out, it is still broadcasting on both radios and full strengh.  There is no SSID broadcast, but you can see all the same MAC address as when i had the WiFi set up using the Arris router.  There are 5 of them becuase there is one guest and one primary 2.4, then one guest and one primary 5G, and then the one sneaky 2.4 xfinity hotspot they don't tell you about.  That last one is an entirely different matter.  But the problem is these radios are messing with my router's radios and I can't turn the darn things off.  Please take a look at the attched image and you will see what I mean.  The first three are mine, the ones in blue are the Arris.





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6 m ago

This isn't a new thing, was introduced with Xfinity gateways years ago.

The xfinitywifi hotspot will continue broadcast in bridge mode. Can be disabled in the account settings.


The hidden SSID for Xfinity Home security cannot be disabled, (maybe on both bands, not looked recently) there are others as you can see perhaps for pods.


All you can do is set your own router in bridge mode to different channels or buy your own modem approved for Xfinity.


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