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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 12:00 PM

Breaking up xFi Pod set

I have a set of 3 xFi Pods (Gen 1) I only need to use 2 at my house on my network and have never paired the 3rd pod. Can I give that pod to someone else to pair on their own separate Xfinity network in a completely different location? I just need clarification and confirmation that the set can be broken up. I’m getting conflicting answers from customer service. One agent says yes and the other days no.


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6 m ago

Yes you can.  I found this in the FAQ for xfi pods.


xFi Pods Frequently Asked Questions (xfinity.com)


Can I buy or share a set of Pods with a friend or family member?
Yes, a set of Pods can be shared with others; however, please note that Xfinity Internet service and a compatible xFi Gateway are needed to use Pods.

We recommend activating the Pods you're keeping first. After you activate the Pods you plan to keep, the unused Pods will show as offline. To avoid confusion, you can choose to remove the offline Pods that you plan to share so they are no longer visible in your app. Your friend or family member will be able to activate them by signing in to the Xfinity app with their Xfinity ID. Learn more about removing offline Pods from xFi

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