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Brand new modem agent said they could not activate it because it was registered under another account.

so I tried my Internet and it turned out since my Home is fiber, optics, and no other modem router work for they told me so I went to they gave me a different modem, came home to activate it, and they were unable to say that they had to have an agent come out went over there another one told me the same thing that they weren’t able to activate it so I went and bought a brand new one, and when I had the agent activate it, she told me that she was unable to because it was registered to another account. how can that be if it’s a brand new product from target

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2 months ago

@user_u3cm5e Thank you so much for your post for help with your new modem being active on another account. Our system does retain modem inforamtion to help customers re-activate old modems when needed. A modem does need to be correctly removed from an account before it can be used on another one this can take 24 to 48 hours to clear out once requested by the original owner. If the modem you purchased from Target is showing that it was previously active on another account I would check with Target. We have seen in the past the modems were returned to resellers after being activated for a very short time and either due to the customer not liking the modem or it not being compatible it was returned.  Some resellers if the devices is not defective and returned in original packaging may restock these returned devices. If not removed correctly beforehand from our systems this would definitely prevent any future customer from activating the device. 



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2 months ago

Are you sure that you have FTTH / Fiber optics To The Home, Or is it coax cable .

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fiber optics. No coaxel

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