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Tue, Jun 9, 2020 5:00 PM

Blocked Ports - Inconsistent port forwarding success

I'm having issues with port forwarding. I have 9 port forward rules set up in my gateway via the xFi web UI but when I use a port checker (e.g. only 5 of the ports are actually open, the other 4 are showing as closed (including SSH port 22!).


I'm using the xFi Gateway (XB6-A) and Advanced Security is turned off as suggested. All 9 rules are for the same device, so I know the IP address is correct since some of them are working. I've already rebooted the gateway several times which has not helped.


I know there is a list of ports that Xfinity blocks for security reasons (link below), I've already double-checked and none of the ports I'm trying to open appear in this list, so all of my rules should work.



This only started when I moved apartments, I had all of the same rules set up in the previous apartment and all of them worked. In both locations I had Comcast Xfinity as my ISP. There's only 2 things that changed: my physical address (only 2 miles away from old apartment), and upgraded from the old gateway to the new xFi gateway (XB6-A). However, based on the details above, neither of those changes should have caused an issue.


Please help! I'm tearing my hair out over this one.


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