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Fri, Jul 10, 2020 9:00 PM

Blast only giving me 225mps with brand new modem

I just purchased an upgraded Netgear modem returing the xfinity one that I was renting so I could get up to 600 mbs as the xfinity modem was only pulling 225 on average and as low as 115mgs in a room only 15 ft away.

Why are we paying for 300 mgs Blast and not getting the speed promised.

It's not the new equipment because installing and innitilizing that did not cure the problem.


Please help!


Thanks in advance.



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10 m ago

@RodJ wrote: ... up to 600 mbs ... paying for 300 mgs Blast ..

Are you subscribed to 600 or 300 Mbps service?


Are you connecting via Wifi or Ethernet? If Wifi, it's best to switch to an Ethernet cable connection if possible. That would allow you to determine whether the problem is the Wifi signal or the link between your equipment and Comcast's network. Network connection problems that affect both Ethernet and Wifi devices are often due to poor coax connections, usually in or near your home.

Please see Internet Troubleshooting Tips. If you still need help, please post your modem or gateway's model number and signal information, especially downstream power levels and SNR, upstream power levels, and error log.

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