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Mon, Apr 27, 2020 7:00 PM

Been having latency spikes/packet loss(?) on games, need guidance

Hi everyone,


I've been playing one game in particular called Overwatch. I've submitted many tickets to the company (Blizzard) in an attempt to resolve this issue, but they haven't been able to help, and I've been told by a volunteer on the forums that I should contact my ISP. (They said this: "The modem probably needs to be replaced, and the line that feeds the connection to your home might be damaged or experiencing congestion in your neighborhood. Only the ISP can help in this situation.") But I don't know where to start! 


I've been using a program called WinMTR that runs diagnostics on ping while I'm in-game, and this is the only test I know how to use and vaguely understand. I'm not sure how to attach photos here, but I can paste a link to the screenshot I took of the latest diagnostic:


But is there anymore information I can provide,  possibly with the help of other tools that I don't know about, to help you help me fix this? Also, is there a way I could ask for an experienced technician to come down and see if there is a problem externally? 


Downstream levels:


Upstream levels:


Modem information:


CM error codewords (what do these mean?):


EDIT: I just tried out a software called PingPlotter and ran a test while I played one game. If I'm looking at the right IP (which was the IP of the game I played), the results are unreal. Here's a screenshot:


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