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Sat, Nov 21, 2020 5:00 PM

Automated Deletion of Port Forwards - Inability to Port Forward on the XB7 Gateway

Recently, we setup a new Xfinity Gateway, re-established our port forwards from an XB6 Gateway, and disabled advanced security.


However, after approximately 40 minutes, we noticed in the router logs at, that the gateway had autonomously deleted the port forwards, and our server was inaccessible.

  • [PortMapping][6010]: ADD: TCP ExternelPort(s) 982~985 IP Active
  • [PortMapping][6010]: DELETE: TCP ExternelPort(s) 982~985 IP Active


After the router removed the port forwards, we were unable to update or delete the incumbent port forwarding rules through the xFi platforms, or access our server. We have tried to resolve this issue by restarting and factory resetting the XB7 router, but similar behavior was exhibited each time new port forwards were established.


After talking to multiple Xfinity Agents for approximately three hours, the problem remains unresolved. We are dissatisfied with our Xfinity Service, as we are unable to provide critical services for our business, that we have been forced to host remotely due to COVID-19. Currently, we are contemplating a move to a different service provider; however, we would also appreciate suggestions on how to resolve this issue temporarily.


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