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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 5:00 AM

ASUS RT-68R "Your ISP's DHCP is not functioning properly"

Hi, my issues started after a comcast outage in my area. It was a small outage, but still dropped connection for several minutes throughout the day. After this outage, my ASUS RT-68R has started stating that "Your ISP's DHCP is not functioning properly". For the last year everything has been working okay with the once in awhile hiccup. I found: with someone else having the same issues with an ASUS router.


The network cycles on and off, I'll have internet access for most of the day but then generally during my VOIP phone calls for work, the connection will drop and I'll lose enough packets or enough time that my calls end up dropping. 


From the above article, it looks like @ComcastChe was able to assist. 


My modem is an Arris SB200 and when checking it's event log, it states Time Sync errors and has not been able to keep a correct daily event log.  Any help would be appreciated. 



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9 m ago

Please see Internet Troubleshooting Tips. If you still need help, please post your modem's signal information, especially downstream power levels and SNR, upstream power levels, and error log.

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