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Sun, Feb 2, 2020 6:00 PM

Arris SB6190 speeds suddenly dropped 90% tech and comcast shrugs

I have an SB6190 that has been serving me failthfully until this week. It's gotten me at least 325 down and 24 up on my Extreme 300 plan. No changes occurred with wire, moving the hardware or fancy witchcraft.


After multiple frustrating calls, each making me reboot my modem and router over & over, a tech came to test the line and told me me the signal at the external box was good (+16) so the internal wiring "must be bad". IThe same wire I've been getting perfect service on) I hadn't planned on letting him in because as soon as he crosses your threshold you owe $70. It's kinda like a cash vamipre...


He tested my plate connection telling me my signal dropped to -2  and I "must have a hidden splitter somewhere". He assured me it "had to be there" but could not / would not tell me how he *knew* this. I'd mapped each line outside when I did my self install in the beginning of December to their corresponding wall plates. No splitters: 7 wires, 7 plates. Today I decided to run a new line along the ground directly from the box in through the back door - same speed issues (also, no splitter).


Today I called to have my modem reset and re-provisioned and that didn't help ( I don't think it was really removed and re-provisioned with the boot file, etc). I work remote and needed the speeds I subscribed to so my wife volunteered to grab a modem from an xFinity store and before she even got home they decommissioned my Arris in the middle of me streaming WITH NO WARNING. It just rebooted then no Internet. Nothing.  D!ck move, guys.


I got the xFi monstrosity hooked up and surprise - same slow speed issue. At least I'm up to a max of 30% the speed we pay for -  upload speed was as good it has been since we got service (also the same as my Arris provides - I mean provided). 


Now I'm stuck with a $70 tech charge for a diagnosis that was wrong, an extra $15 dollar charge (billed even before my wife got home) for a modem that also doesn't supply the speeds pay for and a second, probably unnecessary tech appointment scheduled in 2 days. Probably to find that holy grail of a splitter.  😐


Now, I've had comcast internet for years and have never had this kind of experience. It's been fantastic and only ever experienced issues with the TV service. In conversation I've defended them when people would scoff at my choice. Now I'm startig to understand what they might have been experiencing...


All I want is my advertised (and proven to be possible) speed back, my modem reactivated and my peace of mind that I've had for the past 45 days.


Can an actual comcast person here help be get this solved? The weekend folks just aren't of the same caliber. If I can't work, I can't pay for your service. See the catch-22?


My jumped through hoops for all the troubleshooting:

 - Rebooted modem - NO CHANGE

 - Rebooted modem and router - NO CHANGE

 - Rebooted modem and connected directly to modem for speed test - NO CHANGE

 - Factory reset modem, rebooted modem and connected directly to modem for speed test - NO CHANGE

 - Tried speed tests on Chrome and Firefox in Incognito and new windows on 3 separate machines and wireless devices - NO CHANGE

Ran new cable 3ghz, quad shielded from the box around to the modem (the same cable I wired my whole home with prior and got these speeds reliably for 7 years) - NO CHANGE

- Tried the new wire both direct and through the brand new, tech-installed splitter (to lower signel within spec) - NO CHANGE

 - Got an xFinity xfi modem to try - faster but only 30% the speed I was getting but slows like a deflating balloon going from 110 ro 84 during the test

 - tracert shows a handfull of timeouts to google.com


Comcast, with this job I got the budgetary go-ahead to upgrade from 300 to the 600 down plan. *I want that* - I stream EVERYTHING and move large files back & forth when I work. I *want* to pay you for it - but I need you to be able to give it to me. Reliably and without technical conjecture.  I'll even go get the Arris SB8200 so I can maybe even go gigabit (only you decide to match upload with download speeds, that is, otherwise whats the point?)


I just want what I had back. It was wonderful. You billed me and I feel I got what I paid for.


@ComcastMichael can you work some magic? Can I get a tech out that can tell me why things are amiss? DirecTV has techs for VIP customers that are sent to fix the unfixable - and they had a 100% success rate (I know this because when I worked there, I worked on their corporate software that got them paid and kept their inventory) . Do you have these hidden, special forces available?  Can I please get one?



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1 y ago

Did you ever resolve this? I am in the exact same boat with my SB6190.


I kept procrastinating the problem, and now with COVID my internet is unusable. Comcast has been useless in getting this resolved. I'm down to between 2-10mbps. Roughly mid January my speed just dove off a cliff and it's only gotten worse.

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1 y ago

This is exactly the same for me. We've even had a tech out twice since we've lived here (only 5 years) due to our internet and TV cutting out all the time, they've checked lines and do wutever they do outside and have said everything should be good. Probably 2 months ago my internet has been slow as heck (I suspected my wifi just was not in a good spot so I ignored for a while). Plugged directly into my SB6190 today with my ps4 to download something and it's only gettin 8mb down 5mb up. We're supposed to get up to 200mb down. 8 is just a joke. I'm dreading having to call them and deal with the back and forth. I've done all the basic troubleshooting.  

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