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Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 6:08 PM

Arris S33 and recent 10G area upgrade

Hi all,

My area recently went through an upgrade (new amps and node) and now I appear to be on Xfinity's latest 10G network.

After the upgrade I immediately checked my speeds and I was surprised on how well they improved, even without changing plans.

I average about 1400 down and 40 up. 

But when I checked my account on Xfinity's website it says my plan is 1200 down and 200 up.

I own my own Arris S33 modem, and notice in the event log it's stating the Upstream Channel Descriptor (UCD) is either invalid or a channel is unusable. Is this why I'm not seeing the 200 up?

Should I force the modem to redownload the config file or perhaps ask an Xfinity agent to reprovision my modem?

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3 months ago

... 40 up. ... Arris S33 modem ...

As best I can tell, the S33 is not eligible for increased upload speeds. See and (from the "All Compatible Devices" link near the bottom of

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That's a bummer. I just bought my S33 because it was listed as Xfinity approved and recommended and listed it's maximum up/down speeds. I think Xfinity needs to get their list updated.

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The bigger question in S33 owners' mind will be, if S33 modem be supported for the increased upload speed ever? Can anyone from Xfinity insider respond to this?

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@user_p5g64v Unfortunately the S33 model is not supported for the next gen speeds.

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Thats [Edited: Inflammatory]!  The S33 is fully capable of running higher upload speeds!


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Its this xfinity playing games with customers policy that is killing comcast.  There is no reason why many other model modems cant handle faster upload speeds.   Its there pathetic policies ripping people off.   I only get 12 Mbps upload speeds.  Worst upload rates in the state.  And I have an S33... 



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14 days ago

Everyone will have transferred to fiber before Comcast allows all DOCSIS 3.1 compliant modems on their mid-split system.

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