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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 10:22 PM


Android phone connectivity slowness with media when connected to Xfi Pod on black gateway modem.

I am new to Xfinity and have the Black Gateway TG1682G model and have added the white Xfi Pod.  When my Google Pixel 5e connects directly to the Gateway everything works perfectly fine. But when it connects to the Xfi pod some apps (Xfinity App, Instagram, Twitter, etc .. any app with media) will be extremely slow or not work at all.  I also have an iPhone and it is fine on either.  I can also tell from the iPhone that the Android phone is connected to the Xfi Pod when the issue occurs.  I can turn off wifi and reconnect making sure I'm on the Gateway (and not on the Pod) and things are fine but as soon as I get in range of the Xfi Pod i start having issues again.  Android phone is the only thing having issues.

I've searched on here and see multiple posts and the only solution I've actually seen is to get one of the newer white gateway modems.  But .. support will not replace my black gateway with a white one because I do not have a higher speed tier of service (200Mb is my current plan).  Forums show this has been happening for a while now and has been acknowledged.  

As with others, what i experience is the Xfinity app will just show a white screen.  Eventually it will show the widgets but that takes several minutes.  Twitter will not display images in tweets.  Facebook will not display images.  

I have:

Uninstall/reinstall the Xfinity App (I am using that one as the static test app since it's Xfinity's)

Rebooted the phone

Rebooted the gateway

Rebooted the Xfi Pod

I can be right next to the Xfi pod and still have the issue so distance isn't an issue.

This is new service and my speeds are at or above expected.

No other device has issue with being connected to the Xfi pod, just my Android phone.

I have no other Android phones i can test with at this time but since there are numerous posts with similar issues I don't see that as a factor.

iPhones do not have any issues

Streaming devices have no issues


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1 year ago

Hello, @user_32cd04. Thank you for reaching out to us on Forums. This is definitely a strange issue. I appreciate all the work you have done to troubleshoot this. Do you know anyone with a different Android phone that would be willing to test this with you? 



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@XfinityCam​ I do not but I will see if I can find one of my really old Android phones and if it will boot and connect to wifi I will test it.  Otherwise I'll try to dig up some of the other posts here on the Xfinity forums that have the same issue.  Thanks!

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@user_32cd04 We would want to check the android version as well for troubleshooting. Since it's impacting the single device it's difficult to get eyes on an issue, but we can open a request on your account for tracking and assistance from the repair team. We can also set up an appointment with our technicians and if they determine the issue is with the gateway, they can replace it and test the network again.  Send us a direct message with you name and service address. I will open the request for the repair team or set up the appointment.

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@XfinityPaula​ Thanks and sorry for the delay.  I did not have another Android phone to test and was getting a replacement gateway delivered and installed.  

Android 13 for reference on a Pixel 5a.

This issue is resolved now that I'm on a newer gateway.  I was sent an XB6 and the issue has gone away.  I can be connected to the XFi pod (2 ethernet port version) with my Pixel phone and view media apps w/o issue now.  The issue was, as I stated, with the XB3 gateway.  There is obviously a bug with the gateway interacting with Android phones connected to XFi pods.

This is for another post, but the issue with the XFi pods not always showing online in the Xfinity app is still happening but the XFi pod still works (even though the app says it's offline).

This can be closed.

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