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Thu, May 28, 2020 6:00 PM

Am connected to the internet through wifi, but cannot open webpages

Yesterday I got a new router from Xfinity (model XB6-T), brought it home, hooked it up using the xFi app on my phone, and keeping the same network name and password. Three of  four  computers, an ipad and all our phones have connected and have no issues opening webpages. One computer (HP- Win10) is connected to the internet through the correct network, shows it's sending and receiving packets, and will open to Google on Chrome. However, I can't load any webpages. I also tested using Edge and IE with the same result. I CAN open webpages when connected to myphone's hotspot.

I can ping the router. I've flushed the dns, tried network reset, disabled the firewall, reset router, unplugged router, checked security programs, ran antivirus/malware, but nothing has worked.

Any suggestions?


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