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Thu, Dec 3, 2020 5:00 AM

After Three In Home Tech Visits - Same Issue (Internet Drops at Exact Same Time Every Day)

Tech came yesterday (third one). Same story. Internet cuts off at 10:15 PM on the dot on my ethernet controlled computers. My wireless does not cut off. This has been going on for four months!! It eventually comes back on an hour or so later.


The tech replaced my modem yesterday, looked at some connections, made a few adjustments to some cords. I asked him as he was leaving "what do I do if it keeps happening" and he simply said "call us again". This is a joke. Somebody at the local Xfinity store gave me a number at corporate. Who in the heack is going to help me at corporate??? Whtat do you do when an issue seems like it cannot get fixed ??????


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