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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 7:00 PM

Additional UNKNOWN wifi signal from xfinity router

I have my xfinity router set to bridge mode, and "MyWifi" turned off and using my own provided wifi router on a set channel.

However there is another signal coming from the xfinity box @2.4Ghz,  frequently when resetting the router to clear connection issues, this signal comes up on an adjacent channel and disrupts my WifI router?!   I've logged on to the

link and have public hotspot set to off as well. So WHAT is this other signal??

its incredbley annoying!!  anyone know how to get this extra signal turned off??! 
I've called tech support and they have no idea.  





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6 m ago

If the broadcast name / SSID of it says "Hidden", then that's the additional network that their gateways broadcast for interfacing with their home security systems. And it can't be disabled.

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