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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 7:00 AM

Account was hacked....now my wifi is horrible

Last week, I received what I though was a legit email from xfinity.  It said that I needed to update my password on my xFi gateway.  I have an Arris Surfboard router.  Well, apparently this was a hacker email and I didn't know.  My wifi went out for hours and would not come back on.  I finally chatted xfinity and they said this was a phishing email but there was nothing they could do on their end since it was not a Comcast router.  Everyday, my internet is beyond slow and at times, does not work at all.  Should I contact Arris to correct this issue?  I pay for the blast internet services and I feel like it's slower than dial up.  Also, when I would go into wifi settings before this happened, I could always choose from 2 connections.....a 2.4 or 2.5.  Now, both of those connections in wifi settings have vanished.  Thanks!  



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9 m ago

I would try resetting your router to the factory settings and start over, make sure to use different passwords and WiFi names, just a great thought


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9 m ago

Did you actually do what the phishing email suggested?  I would have guessed that it wouldn't have worked at all since the wi-fi on an owned router is controlled on the router itself.  However, assuming you did change something on your router, was it the admin PW or the wi-fi passphrase? Or perhaps you went to a phishing website and revealed your xfinity account password to them? 


Is it just the wi-fi that went out?  (ie did wired internet keep working?)

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