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Wed, Apr 22, 2020 10:00 AM

Accessing the router settings


I  installed a TP Link Deco 9 Plus mesh system a few weeks ago and everything worked fine since then, but today I noticed the dreaded red light on the two Deco units I had installed and of course we had no internet connection.


Luckily I had not put the Xfinity modem/router in "bridge mode", so I had another way to connect to the internet.  But then I thought that maybe since the modem/router wasn't set to "bridge mode", that's why the red light and no internet connection through the mesh system?


Anyways, I went into the router settings and enabled "bridge mode" hoping that would fix the internet connection on the mesh system.  It did not.


So, I thought I would go back into the router settings and disable "bridge mode" in order to ger my internet connection back through the modem/router combo.


I tried every way I could think of to access the router settings, but without an internet connection I could not access the log in page. I even tried using cellular data to access the log in page but it would not connect.


I finally unplugged everything and then plugged them back in and it worked. I had an internet connection using the mesh network and with the modem/router being in "bridge mode", which I assume should have been set up this way from the beginning?


Anyways, what I really need to know is how do I access my router settings if I ever lose the internet connection again. If I can access the router settings I can disable "bridge mode" and hopefully use the router included in the modem/router combo.


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