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Sun, Dec 13, 2020 11:00 AM

A possible hacker on home network?



So I've noticed unfamilier activity on my Xfinity Xfi wifi home network. There's a device called ESP_B4F1D7. When i did some research on google i found out that it's technically a device used to hack into your home network. all of the tvs in the house are smart TVs and one of my old roomates told me that someone took a picture of her thru her tv and sent it to her. also i've recently got a threat notification saying "that my network was targeted by a device on my network but was blocked because of my secuirty.  i paused these devices i feel are invading the privacy in my home.  I am very concerned.

what should i do about this, and how do i find out who is compromising my network?



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6 m ago

ESP_XXXXXX devices?


Expressif is another popular one.  Probably an IoT smart controlled outlet.  Perhaps a knock off Roomba?  Smart-Life or Geenie.  If you look up the MAC address, you can narrow down the manufacturer a bit.


On most gatways, you can also set "Access Control" for WiFi devices -- either allow or block specific devices.  Usually a link you can click on when you look at the currently connected devices.


In any case, you can also change the gateway password, and change the WiFi password and it won't be able to connect -- which, is a good idea in the first place, until your roomate or someone else sets the device up again......

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