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Wed, Sep 15, 2021 7:04 PM

2nd IP address for Linksys switch

I recently bought an Arris 8200. I'm trying to run my router (Orbi mesh wifi) through one port and then plug a linksys switch into the other and hard-wire all my other devices into that (Apple TV, XBox, Xfinity box). How can I do this? I have read that I need a 2nd IP Address. Can anyone help?

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1 m ago

Yes you do. They are phasing it out but I'm going to escalate your issue to the Comcast corporate employees that are available to these boards. We've seen cases here where they have been able to get this accomplished for customers even when it is not listed in their rate cards, YMMV. You should get a reply here in your topic. Good luck !

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Hi there @user_934991, thanks for reaching out to us on the forums today. @EG already mentioned it, but we are phasing out the ability to add a 2nd IP address for residential accounts. Currently, we're providing support for existing customers with a 2nd IP but not signing up new customers, similar to when we phased out the Service Protection Program. As it stands, the ability to add multiple IP addresses is reserved for Business Class customers.

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