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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 8:00 AM

25 Mbit line only getting 7.x Mbit down, 1.3 Mbit up. Support could not help.

Please forgive me for creating yet another thread about speed, but the others seem too specific.


Recent returning customer w/ a line advertised as 25 Mbit down, 2 Mbit up.

Consistently (peak & non-peak) the speeds have been 7.x down, 1.0 - 1.3 up.

No issue with connection reliability or stability, the only issue is speed.


Modem is a Linksys BEFCPU10 v4 which supports DOCSYS 1.1, therefore up to 40 Mbit down, 10 Mbit up.  It is wired straight into the sole jack in the house via a short cable in good condition. Connectors are clean and tight. Yes it has been restarted, and also the gateway was restarted.


Support tried to upsell me to a 100 Mbit plan, but I'm not playing a game like "sell him 25 Mbit, give him only 7, then make him pay for 100 to get 25, hahahahaha!"  No, that approach was why I canceled Comcast and went without it for 13 years. This time let's just get it right fairly, please?


What I wonder is, how many other people are experiencing something similar, or might it just be the wire into the house? I hope they won't try to charge me for a tech to come out, probably will.


Thanks for any help, I wouldn't be saying anything publicly if support had a clue, but after the upsell failed, she tried to transfer me to next-level tech support 4 times and dropped the call every time.







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8 m ago

That modem is a Dinosaur !!! Comcast no longer supports the DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, or the 2.0 standards. You need at least a DOCSIS 3.0 capable modem.

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8 m ago

I suggest you browse this website to help you select a modem/router.  (Don't rely on manufacturer's "up to" speeds – look at what Xfinity says you need for your plan.)




ISPs only supply tech support for their own modems.  Owning your own modem is much cheaper but in exchange you do your own support including occasionally upgrading. 


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