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Wed, Sep 8, 2021 1:53 PM

2.4 vs 5 Ghz

I have a garage door opener that only seems to connect to the 2.4 network. 

I have a printer that only connects to the 5G network.

I have a smart plug which is very confused by all this.

The router is supposed to figure out which network to use, but doesn't seem to work great.

Is it possible the router isn't functioning properly?

When I separate the networks, I can get the garage door opener MyQ app to work.

When I try to recombine them, it tells me my signal isn't strong enough. 

The MyQ needs to be connected to my phone, which is connected to the 5G to work.

What is the disadvantage of taking the entire thing back to 2.4 and calling it a day?

Very frustrating since before I "upgraded" to the newest router, everything worked.



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1 m ago

You should be able to give the 2.4G and 5G networks different names. Then you can connect devices to just that particular one.



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@andyross thanks for the reply. I was able to connect the garage door opener to the 2.4 when separating them. The problem is that means that I need to make sure my phone is on the 2.4 but the 5 is better for streaming. I thought the gateway was supposed to do this automatically? Like most people, I have many devices connecting to the network and now I need to manually decide which device to connect to which network. I guess not the end of the world, but all the warnings tell me that xfinity wants to manage this. 

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