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Tue, Sep 7, 2021 4:54 PM

2.4 GHz Network connection is so so slow!

We have a 400 Mbps Comcast service, using a WiFi 6 router, and a Net Gear 2 GB cable modem, fast equipment.

Measuring at the router, next to it, using the Infinity Speed Test, the 5.0 GHz network is blazing fast, always over 400 GHz service level.

However, the 2.4 GHz network barely can manage 100 Mbps and sometimes slower, because of it's WI-Fi coverage we need it be faster.

Why is it so slow?

Does Comcast say their service levels only are for 5.0 GHz?



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7 d ago

FWIW, their advertised speed claims are for hardwired ethernet connections only.

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14 d ago

Thanks for the info.  That is a good explanation of the two bands.  However, when you buy internet speeds from Comcast you would need substantially fast speeds to compensate for the 2.4 GHz band.  My plan is 400 Mbps, but I do not read where Comcast says that speed is only for the 5.0 GHz band.  I do have devices further from the router that require better coverage than 5.0 can give, but I suffer a significant loss of performance.  Sometimes it measures under 50 Mbps for the 2.4 band.

Thanks for responding.

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