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Wed, Oct 14, 2020 4:00 PM

2 Home Networks - ethernet & wifi at same time

We had an electrical storm. Before the storm, my home only had one network to connect to whether ot was wired or wifi.  NOW, after the storm, on wifi--there is one home network...


However,  WIRED--I have two home networks--the ethernet, and the wifi---since the laptop is already wired--I have the additional option of connecting to the wifi also...connected to Two home networks at the same time...


And, the last tech saw alot of ingress/interference on the line...

That, is after they replaced all of the coax, and I am on my fourth gigabit modem.

Although, I now think it has nothing to do with the modem.

I've also upgraded the last ten feet of coax to quad shielded coax...and, I bought Cat8 ethernet cables...and, I bought a surge protector, and I am running the coax through that...

note--the static on the line that the last tech noticed, was there before I bought any of the above equipment...


The apparent internet itself seems to be fluctuating throughout the day..

There is nothing that has noth been tried, to my knowledge..


coax to splitter to modem,

coax directly to modem,


coax to/though surge protector to modem

coax to splitter to/through surge protector to modem 


IS IT POSSIBLE that the electrical outlets and wiring themselves were damaged in the electrical storm--not to the point of malfunction--but certainly to the point of too much static on the line resulting in my home having two home networks when connected by wire...


Your Thoughts?

Paying for Gig...Not Getting It.


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