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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 8:00 PM

1GB-who can advice

I am using 1Gbps plan, unlimited usage, I can't pay more to Comcast, but I am unable to use the same at home.


We are 4 at home, connected to work & school, continuous on Video streaming etc, the way our Modem is wired in basement, due to entertainment rack, that wifi is a real problem.


Running a Ethernet across house is a problem and due to confidentially issues at work we all have to work at different level and without wired connection its hard to work.


Thus, after research I got MOCA and trouble started.. First after 2 days of working, modem refused to send internet out, so we were cluess as we had some scheduled outage and we thought we will get internet back, then came the technician he checked and said everything looks good, but he didn't like some splitter that was there and finally he replaced with 1000Mhz splitter and left us.


And, also removed ONE of the MOCA that was getting "Ethernet In and MOCA was sending Cable Out" to house Coax cable wiring I also had ONE More MOCA connected to some Coax which was powering my Attic AP. So, he took one MOCA out, left us connected to network.


After that every day randomly Network went down and it came back on its own, nothing we did, finally this started to happen very often and more over in evening and night and finally network stopped, so I removed MOCA, still it didn't come back, then finally I removed Coax coming via Splitter directly to Modem and now we are having Wifi issues from the Modem/Router/AP Gateway from Comcast.


I am not as expert as I read some of the users are who post query, but I am very frustrated that why are more folks in market not aware, why is Comcast not recommending who should I call, who can use the MOCA tech or something that gets my 30 year old house wired, I paid premium, I had my modem, I replaced with Xfi Gateway, I am willing to change anything but I can't my walls and run ethernet and I am lost as to how do I get the speed to every level without having to suffer..


Any one who can help would be million times appreciated as I don't know where to go and what do to? @moca @Xfi 




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8 m ago

, why is Comcast not recommending who should I call, who can use the MOCA tech or something that gets my 30 year old house wired
They don't recommend anyone because they don’t support it via internet. They also sell pods to extend the network, so it wouldn’t make sense to take away from their own product

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