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Thu, Jul 2, 2020 9:00 AM

Xfinity streaming to HP laptop--No MOVIE Favorites show up, only TV series/Sports

Would really appreciate any input on the following.  I have been streaming my Xfinity TV/Movies for several months to my HP laptop. I never actually downloaded any program, but went to the streaming internet website and signed on.  I get my recordings and most recent purchases OK, but the search cannot hardly find anything compared to the main TV (I have to search and play movies on the mainframe TV (get them to show on the "last watched" at bottom of screen), then refresh the laptop to then see and watch these movies/programs. On laptop, if a recording or purchase I can watch them  by clicking on them, but can't do a laptop search for most or all of them or hundreds of movies I can search for and watch on the mainframe TV.  What's really bothering me is that under FAVORITES I have thousands of movies on mainframe, and even laptop first showed about 300 of them, but they up and disappeared and all I have are FAVORITE ''TV shows" and "Sports", BUT NO HEADING OR MOVIES AT ALL.  Am I expecting too much?  Does the sesrch learn? The phone techs were not able to help me months ago and I gave up on them.  Oh, you apparently cannot search for actors on the laptop, right?  Thanks for any help at all, can take responses on this site, or otherwise if needed. Am in Napa, CA.         Randy 


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1 y ago

Hi @rtevlin, just to confirm, is the following description accurate for your current experience on Xfinity Stream website?

1. you can play purchases/rental/recordings/live TV successfully;

2. you can play movies on Stream app if it shows up

3. but you cannot search for most (or any?) movies?


can you try to navigate to the Movies page on Stream website?

1. go to https://www.xfinity.com/stream/

2. hover over "Browse", and click on "Movies"


are you able to see anything on this page?

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