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Fri, Nov 22, 2019 7:00 PM

Xfinity Stream

I have Xfinity internet and cable at my house. Very reliable and very fast. I have two TVs at my house where we watch different things at different times. I sometimes have desires to watch stream some content on my Xfinity Stream app. However whenever I want to stream something I am not allowed, because the Xfinity Stream app only works when I am at my home, where, as I already stated, I have two TVs on which to watch whatever I want to watch! Am I to understand that the only purpose for me to stream Xfinity TV is when I feel like watching TV when I'm in the bathroom? Why can't I stream when I'm away from my house? Can someone please explain?

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2 y ago

If you record things you can watch the completed recording from the app elsewhere.  Not great for news or sports, but probably better for everything else.

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