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Wed, Jul 24, 2019 5:00 PM

Xfinity Stream Sanity Check

With the continued reduction in capability of the ROKU version of the Stream App (loss of recording capability, now loss of surround sound, ....), I discover the Xfinity FLEX package!


Not only is it 4K HDR enabled on all content, but includes Amazon Prime Video, Netlflix, YouTube, the premium channels, the list goes on and on.


Is it my imagination or is Comcast degrading the Stream App to push us to FLEX????


Oh wait! In order to get FLEX, I have to have a house full of leased Comcast equipment, thus throwing away my very high end wireless router and cable modem, all owned by me.


And there's more! The FLEX option, includes the Xi6 box for a mere $5 / month. I"M PAYING $6.99 for a ridiculous HD cable adapter, requiring a cable and offering less content(cannot access the premium channels I'm paying for) than on the ROKU app I have elsewhere (now without surround sound).


I must be sleeping and this is a nightmare.

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2 y ago

Ahh!!! Now I get it. I missed the the portion of the FAQ:


Can I watch live TV?
No, but you can watch live streaming channels. Go to the Live NOW tab to launch the app for watching channels including Sports with ESPN3, Xumo, Pluto and more.


So basically, this is a constrained ROKU, with the requirement to lease everything! Makes complete sense now.  Sarcasm on: Maybe they can add the Xfinity Stream App to the FLEX! Then it can be just like the ROKU, with 4K content on everything except the XFINITY APP, also with no surround sound! Brilliant! Sarcasm off

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