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Sun, Feb 7, 2021 4:00 PM

Xfinity Stream not launching

Xfinity stream is not launching on my LG tv. It won't go past the "get started" screen. I have un-installed and re-installed the app multiple times. Re started the tv etc...


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2 m ago

We are experiencing the same issues, as are many other Xfinity customers (according to a Google search and these forums). 


We have a 2019 Samsung Q70R smart TV, and have been Comcast customers for over a decade. I am a little surprised that Comcast/Xfinity has an app in production that is a "beta" version after so long in production. 


The Xfinity app works fine on my iPad and iPhone. 


That said, I have tried all of the aforementioned fixes with negative results. 

-delete the Xfinity Stream beta app

-check for TV software/firmware updates

-unplug the TV for 3-5 minutes

-plug back in and turn on

-download and reinstall the Xinity app

-try to log in

-when I do so, and obtain a access code on my tablet or phone (on my Comcast/Xtinity home network)

-I input the access code on my device and see the "success" green checkmark

-the TV screen changes and moves to a new screen - Welcome! This device can only access Xfinity Stream on your in-home Xfinity network. Use the app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to watch on the go, anytime you like. 

....it worked in the past,????


Help please. 


A frustrated paying customer.


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2 m ago

Apparently we are in the same boat. Its not an error message it just loads, then goes back to the channel selection screen for no reason. This streaming service is the only one not working.

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2 m ago

I'm right there with everyone..very frustrating

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