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Tue, Jun 15, 2021 11:13 AM

Xfinity Stream is duplicating all channels of selected Favorites

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I'll keep the example simple to illustrate.  When I go into Stream with no channels in my Favorites then, select ESPN channel 846 as a Favorite, I'm finding that, when I completely close the browser/app and go back into Favorites, it has put channels 202, 846, 1205 and TVGO into my Favorites.  All four of these are ESPN instances Xfinity has to offer.

So, if I select multiple Favorite channels, when I go back into the browser/app, it's flooded with every SD and HD instance of those channels.  Basically, 10 selected Favorites becomes 40.

This is happening on:

- Windows 10 Edge, Chrome and Mozilla

- iOS Edge and Safari

- iOS Xfinity Stream app

- TCL Roku TV Xfinity Stream app

I spoke with Xfinity support yesterday.  They cannot figure out what is going on.


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2 m ago

Hey there, @ugadawg84, thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on our Xfinity Forums page. I can certainly see how unwanted added channels can get a little annoying. Please rest assured, you have reached the right team! We can work with you and look into getting to the bottom of this issue!

Can you please described the troubleshooting steps that have been taken so far? Also, have you noticed this issue previously or was this the first time you added a favorites channel?

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