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Tue, Dec 21, 2021 4:04 AM

xfinity stream error TVAPP-00114 (account setup issue?)

Hello! New customer here! Internet/TV/Phone service installed last week and have been having problems with streaming since then. This has never worked. The issue presents differently depending on which device I try to access Stream from.

On the PC (through the browser) it states:

Please clear your browser's cache

Sorry, we're having some trouble. Please clear your browser's cache and then refresh this page.

(Error TVAPP-00114)

I've tried Edge, Chrome, and Opera. All get the same message. I've cleared the cache a few times as well as rebooted the modem/router (waiting 5 minutes between power off and power back on). I have tried this both connected to WiFi as well as connecting to the router directly through an ethernet cable.

On my phone:

Access not Authorized

You signed in successfuly, but you must be an Xfinity user to enjoy this service.

Receives this message both on my Xfinity Wi-Fi and through my cell phone provider data.


Honestly think this may be an account setup issue, as trying to contact support through the web site fails as well, and trying to access account information (always says that the page didn't load correctly). 

Any way that I can get this fixed? Thanks! :)

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5 m ago

Follow-up in case anyone finds this in the future and has the same issue. 

Issue: There was no username in the account and I needed to create a username by going to www.xfinity.com/getstarted .. after I went through the prompts, everything was working just fine. 

Thank you to David the Live Support Agent for helping me with this.

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