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Tue, Apr 23, 2019 7:00 PM

Xfinity LiveTV lagging already only had it 2 days

So I initially had the performance starter internet deal Only, I called to check out the 20$ Instant TV package with the 10$ package that included extra channels. So after going back and forth with the CSR for about half an hour, he kept telling me they didn’t have an instant tv package deal, & then said yes we do for 20$ extra a month on top of your internet bill. So I agreed, but made sure I continued to ask questions before confirming the changes. So what he did was add a 70$ instant TV package and added another 30$ on my internet without asking me first. I questioned all of this before moving forward. Apparently he had applied about 65$ worth of discounts to account for the changes he had made without my permission. So far, I like that I can search my favorite shows that work without lag, previously aired shows, etc. So today was the first time I had tried the LiveTV and I found out I can’t stream it from my phone to my TV so I connected my laptop to TV & it lags. I switched to just my laptop thinking it couldn’t fit the data to my TV screen, & it still lags. Altogether I pay 105.51$ a month & it’s supposed to drop down to 95.51$ with the paperless billing. I still have a few weeks to confirm my internet, and about 20 something days to confirm my TV with no EFT. A technician already came out when I first got the internet because I had internet for a whole year with absolutely NO issues at all, & the moment they renewed internet & charged me more (without telling me this the first time I had gotten the internet) it started messing up immediately. For those who have had either of these services, am I going to have these problems for my 24 month contract? I know if I upgrade my internet package I’m going to have the same issues. Just trying to figure out if the TV is even worth it...

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2 y ago

I too have issues with lagging on my Internet watching "On Demand" Movies or TV Shows and our Cable DVR.  We also experiencing pixalation issues when watching Cable & Internet. I've had Xfinity out so many times checking speeds for my Internet yet they always tell me it's fast & up to approximately 84Mbps Download Speed & about 11Mbps-12Mbps Upload speeds. I've checked it on my PC & that's what I'm getting but, I have a package that costs me $176.00 per month because I have triple play. The fact is, that they (Xfinity Sales Reps or Xfinity Support) that we'll never get the amount of speed they're actually stating on commercials and the trick words are "Up To 150Mbps", which means that we won't get it and to me it's baiting people into thinking that they'll get that speed when reality is we won't. I won't recommend Xfinity to anyone due to the lies I've experienced but when Xfinity has take controll of everyone's suburb or City in which we can't get the speed or any other Cable / Internet Provider in our area or other areas only means that Xfinity it Monopolizing on ISP's. Yet, FCC doesn't want to get involved now due to some bill that has been passed stating that Xfinity or any other ISP, even Cell ISP's have the right to throttle down our speeds without letting us know or for no reason at all. I've resently dealt with this issue & asked about Gaming Servers stealing Mbps's (MegaBytes Per Second) on DL's or UpL (Downloads / Upload) speeds. I get 84Mbps DL & 16Mbps Upload Speeds on my old PC with an older Intel Duo Processor w/ 8 Gigabytes of Memory with the same kind of NIC 10/100/1000 Mbps DL (NIC = Network Interface Card). Yet, on my Gaming Councel I get 13Mbps DL Speed & 3.5Mbps Upload speed which has the same NIC, equal or better Processor, & same amount of Memory 8 Gigabytes. Yet, I only get 13.5Mbps DL & 3.5Mbps Upload on my gaming counsel and no one wants to investigate. My problem with this is, we, the consumers, pay an extremely large amount of charges for our services in order to get the Mbps per download speeds & Corporations are stealing them from us through Switches throughout the world in which our connections go through let alone gaming servers from PSN (Playstation Network) or any other like Steam & XBox which steal our Mbps just so they try to equal amount of loads on incoming connections to make their servers run efficiently. Or Corporations are doing the same as our connections go through the Corporations that rent our their Switches to Comcast/Xfinity or any other ISP. I truly think it's illegal & it's theft. I will continue to contact FCC about these issues and how much money the Consumer is getting robbed out of their network speeds due to corrupt Corporations that don't pay or get away with Tax Exempt right offs for leasing or renting their switches to ISP's throughout the U.S. It theft, stealing from the consumer & that's why we, the consumer, words aren't heard due to it.

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