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Wed, Mar 27, 2019 4:00 PM

Unable to use Xfinity Stream App on Roku error:

To whom this may concern.

        I am writing this letter to inform Comcast that I am thoroughly disappointed by the level of service I have received when trying to resolve my Internet streaming problem I have while accessing Xfinity via the application on my Roku Ultra, Galaxy S8 +, My Ipad Pro 9.7 inch, or my ASUS laptop running windows 10. 

I advised Comcast that when I signed up for Triple play, I wanted to have phone, and TV services added, and I was using a Roku device for my second TV in the bedroom.   Comcast was aware and my first order change was completed on the online chat services.  Upon completed my order, two days later, I received what was the older standard HD box.  I explicitly asked the representative via chat if they were sending me an X      1 box with access to the Netflix Applications, Amazon Prime, etc.  However when I received my equipment, I received the older box and the old modem. 

When I called in to explain my complaint, a technician was sent to my home. The technician as very professional, he happened to have an X1 box on his truck and installed it for me, meanwhile, when I called back to Comcast, the person on the phone told me the corrected the order and sent me a X1 Box instead.  I informed them that the tech has already provided me a box and the newest modem and I would not need this additional box, however because the order was already in transit, I could not cancel. Therefore, I advised that I would send it back once received and take it to the nearest UPS store to process the return of the equipment. 

The Tech spent nearly two hours attempting to help me stream via my Roku, however, every time we attempted to complete this task we would receive the following error messages.

or <.TVAPP 120012, or .TVAPP 120013>, and a messaged stating that

“In order to use this application, you must be connected to your home Wifi connection, please sign out and try again.   This message keeps occurring on the Roku, when I attempt to authenticate the device on my home network. 

I have attempted to following steps to exhaustion numerous times with the same result. 

  • Unplug and power cycle the modem.
  • Disconnect all devices from the network / forget these devices
  • Uninstall and reinstall the application
  • Clear cache cookies, from browsers
  • Complete authentication via incognito tab on computer or android device sign into sbrookins129 and required password
  • Power cycle the Roku, power cycle the android phone, power cycle the iPad etc etc
  • Remove the power source for 10 minutes.
  • Verity I’m not connected to rogue Xfinity hot spots i.e. forgotten those networks to prevent accidental connection to Xfinity Hotspots.
  • Called into Xfinity, had account database refreshed numerous times.
  • Verified correct serial numbers were on the modem match the account.
  • Verify the account matches the Xfinity account credentials.
  • Verified the gateway ip, subnet, and assigned device IP.
  • Checked the Wifi MAC address matches devices listed in the Xfi application.


I have done all these above steps.  However, I continue to receive the problem whereby, when I’m connected to my own home wifi, I try to watch a given channel on my android G28+, it will tells me “The channel is only available in the home”   I have verified that TV Go and on demand does work at this time.

However, when I’m in my home, I cannot access local channels as the my devices are being treated as out of home network, when it’s clearly obvious I’m on my in home network.  This issue is impeding my ability to watch any “Live” tv on my Roku. Not only can I not watch “Live TV’, but I cannot even get the Roku to accept the authentication because it believes I’m away from my home.  This is a huge problem. I’m paying for more services, but receiving half of the functionality.  As a paying customer, I do not believe it’s fair to pay full prices with reduced functionality.  I believe I should be credited for a portion of my bill each month as long as this problem persist.  I don’t mind paying for the services, but I don’t think it’s fair to pay for the portion I cannot enjoy at this moment.  

Please note, I have taken many troubleshooting steps as required by Comcast.  I also work in the IT field, so I’m aware that this could be an ongoing problem. The issue is, nobody has communicated this to me. I as a well-informed customer I have done my due diligence i.e. following technical resolution steps. Logging into forums to see if there has been a fix for my particular problem. Escalating to the “Advance repair team” They have done little to resolve this problem. 

Aside from the technical difficulties I have been experiencing, I also am upset with the billing process. During the course of my ongoing dilemma with Comcast, my account was updated several times, therefore, I’m unsure of what my final expected monthly bill will be.  I was somehow charged $199, this has since been reduce, but when I signed up for triple play, I was told it would be $79 base price, which included 125+ channels, with 150 mb/ download, and unlimited home phone services. I was also told that to fix my technical problem, I needed streampix added to my account.  This $4.99 charge was supposed to be credited to me, but it seems as though, I’m being charged for an additional services in the midst of having technical problems, which seems very unfair considering what I am going through. 

I’m also very displeased with the level of documentation that has taken place.   Documentation of a customer’s ongoing interactions is integral to forming long term confidence in the company’s ability to identify pain points and provide resolution reducing churn and multiple dissatisfaction ratings. When I call into Comcast, I expect to engage with competent individuals who have already read my notes so I do not have to regurgitate word for word the problem I have been experiences each time I speak with a new representative. It appears to me, (someone who has 7 years call center experience) that the documentation process is subpar and the information is not being properly updated into a repository whereby all employees have the correct access to read the notes and draw upon the information from there and continue the conversation advancing the ticket, instead of starting over as if the problem is being reported for the very first time. 

Now Comcast must realize that your everyday customer may not be familiar with all the technical terminology and capability to install the equipment and follow the guides to set everything up.  I consider myself well adept in the field, and I have been very patient where other customer would just cancel the entire order and give up.  I willing to give Comcast a chance to rectify this situation before I need to escalate to social media and news outlets and notify other customer that large swaths of folks problem are not begin addressed by Xfinity  / Comcast meanwhile they are taking patron money each month. It is my hope that this will be resolve expeditiously and 100% of my functionality is restore. 

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.

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2 y ago

@sbrookins129 wrote:

To whom this may concern.

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.

look at the bottom of your newly installed modem/gateway. write down the HFC MAC address or take a picture of it with a smart device. call 800-Comcast and select billing. ask the agent to verify/change the serial number of your gateway modem to match your account. fixed?


also, what is the name (format) of the SSID to which your devices are connected? Comcast provided modems can have the hotspot 'xfinitywifi' turned on but using that SSID will give the error 'not on own home wifi' type message. 

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